Illegal fireworks have been going off almost nonstop in many parts of New York the past week or so. Perhaps this is fallout from civil unrest, or maybe the fact people have been under lockdown for so long? And of course, a number of fireworks ceremonies have been canceled this year due to the pandemic?

But now frightening footage shows a 3 year-old child being struck by illegal fireworks while in their own apartment.

The NY Post reports that the child was hit by the rocket in their sixth-floor apartment early Wednesday morning. The incident happened on Anderson Street, near W. 167th Street in the Bronx. The Post says the toddler suffered burns on their left arm and needed five stitches to his forearm.

Witnesses say four or five men were seen lighting the fireworks on the street when the accident took place. The child's father took the youngster to New York-Presbyterian-Columbia Hospital. Police said one person is in custody but charges have not been filed yet.

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