Monday morning, following the funny (and/or inappropriate, depending on your point of view) treatment of Upstate New York on the April 28th episode of The Simpsons, we wondered out loud on the Beth & Dave morning show: Which Central New York politician or institution would be the first to extend a public invitation to The Simpsons to come see the REAL CNY?

The winner? The Great New York State Fair.

The Fair is offering the staff of The Simpsons free admission and parking passes, plus a basket of New York State products provided by Taste NY. Just to give them a different experience than the one that depicted crumbling infrastructure, dwindling population counts, and other negativity. Troy Waffner, the Fair's director issued this statement:

We know it’s just a TV show, we can certainly take a joke and we love The Simpsons, but there’s so much that’s great about the region. We’re attracting high tech industries to Upstate, Utica is the home of the half moon cookie and tomato pie, [and] star pitcher Patrick Corbin attended Mohawk Valley Community College.

Did you think the segment about Upstate New York was funny, inappropriate, or a little bit of both? Here's the song:

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