If this is some peoples' idea of a dinner date, then maybe some are better left staying alone. The NY Post is reporting that a New York man was hospitalized after a so-called "lady friend" poisoned his meal. Yikes, you never know what's in your food.

Police say the woman confessed after the 50 year-old man fell ill, saying the meal had be laced with roach poisoning. The Post says the poison is believed to have been boric acid, which Wikipedia defines as a weak, monobasic Lewis acid of boron. The Bronx man was sent to Montefiore North Hospital Thursday night, and luckily is expected to be okay.

Boric acid is said to be a pest control, and also used to treat yeast infections. What is interesting is that the same man has been in the hospital with stomach issues almost two dozens times the past year, according to what sources told the Post. While details of the prior hospitalizations were not provided, one has to wonder what is going on here?

That said, the man did not want his friend to be in trouble. and won't turn the woman in.

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