New York State is extending the window for people to purchase alcohol-to-go. That will be available for restaurants and bars in the Utica and Rome areas.

According to the New York State Liquor Authority, this will be good through December 3rd 2020:

Alcoholic beverages sold for off-premises consumption pursuant to this guidance may only be sold during the on-premises hours of operation of the county in which the premises is located or, if different, the hours of operation set forth in the licensee’s method of operation with the Authority."

It’s unclear at this point how long the measure will be extended. Finger Lakes 1 reports that there have been some discussion among advocates on whether this should be something lawmakers fight for as a permanent piece of legislation, even after the pandemic is over.

There is some other rules and guidelines that must be followed:

1) Alcoholic beverage sold for off-premises consumption may be sold in any closed or any sealed original container of any size. Provided that: The sale of each container shall be accompanied by the purchase of food.

2) Sales should be consistent with municipal open container ordinances.

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Liquor Sales Surge as Students Drink Through Election Week

Weekend drinking typically starts on Thursdays, but liquor sales from Monday and Tuesday this past week said otherwise according to the Cornell Sun.

After casting their votes, many students made liquor-store runs Monday afternoon and Tuesday evening to prepare for the election."

Ithaca Wine and Spirits sales were up 96 percent on Tuesday from the previous week, with higher sales for hard liquor than wine. According to the Cornell Sun, the favorites were scotch, vodka and tequila.

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