All throughout Central New York, MoviePass has offered the ability to enjoy unlimited movie theater visits for $10. Now the company has slashed prices even lower. 

According to Fortune, for a limited time MoviePass has lowered the price to $6.95 per month for new subscribers who purchase a one-year membership. The price drop is a return to MoviePass’s lowest price point.

Think of it like this: you no longer have to pay crazy amounts to see new releases. That may be a major reason you DONT go to the movies! A new site allows Central New Yorkers to watch any 2D movie in theaters.

According to MoviePass the following theaters in our area accept the pass:

Glenwood MoviePlex
Rome Cinemas - Rome, NY
Marquee Cinemas Orchard 14
Regal Destiny USA Stadium 19
Hollywood Theatre
Regal Shoppingtown Mall 10
Regal Great Northern Mall 10
Glenwood MoviePlex
Movie Tavern Syracuse"

For more info, and how to buy in, you can visit their website.


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