McDonald's is giving away free french fries for the entire year - and you don't have to win a contest to get them.

McDonald's is giving away free french fries every Friday for an entire year. Uh, yes please. Let's be honest - McDonald's fries are the best in the fast food industry. Right?

So what's the catch?

All you need to do download their mobile app, and then register and VOILA - free french fries - as long as you spend $1. You can either order online using the app, or scan a QR code at the restaurant. Their mobile app also gives you access to all sorts of other deals - including deals on burgers, sandwiches, and McCafe items. That sounds like a win, win, win.

Credit: App Screen Grab
Credit: App Screen Grab

The deal started July 13 in celebration of National French Fry Day. The promotion is available every Friday through December 30.

To download the app, go to your device's app store or to

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