After a near miss this past weekend, another winter storm is making its way to the Northeast with a direct path over Upstate New York.

While coastal areas and New England got a whole lotta storm with winter storm Kenan over the weekend, once again here in the Capital Region, we basically got grazed. As someone who has actually been looking forward to that one big snowstorm this year it was a bummer. But I will say this: it was nice using my leaf blower to clear off that half inch of light fluffy snow from my driveway!

That said, we have had too many near misses this winter. The odds will eventually catch up with us, and that big winter storm will come. Will it be later this week with winter storm Lena?

When Will Winter Storm Lena Affect Us in the Capital Region?

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The current track of this storm currently has it hitting us in the greater Albany area Thursday and Friday, according to the Weather Channel.

How Much Snow and/or Ice Will We Get?

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This is the question that seems a little tricky at this point. It looks like we are going to get a mix of everything, but with some decent snow accumulations mixed in. The Weather Channel says light rain will eventually turn to snow on Thursday. At this point, the early Weather Channel model is calling for all snow after that with 10-16 inches possible. With temps in the upper 30s Thursday conditions would be ideal for a mix to start, but with temperature in the 20's on Friday the conditions will be perfect for all snow.

That said, the Weather Channel says areas south of Albany are looking at more of a wintry mix which the way things have gone this winter, which could end up being our reality with this one.

Whatever this storm brings - it looks like our Ground Hog Day weather prediction is already predetermined: 6 more weeks of winter is here.

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