It looks like things are really starting to take shape at the Hudson Valley's new theme park.

LEGOLAND New York is scheduled to open on July 4th. Between now and then all of the rides, restaurants and other buildings need to be built on the 150 acres of land purchased by the theme park in Goshen.

This week, LEGOLAND shared the first pictures of some of their attractions that are currently under construction. A Facebook post on Monday showed metal beams being unloaded from a construction vehicle.

On Tuesday we learned that those beams were actually part of the Dragon Coaster. Photos were uploaded of the roller coaster's track and castle foundations being completed. The images show just how far construction has come in such little time.

Another image shows work being done on the LEGOLAND hotel. The view of the Hudson Valley from the top floors is pretty spectacular.

While the hotel won't be ready for opening day on July 4, it is expected to begin accepting guests in 2021.

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