Popular tv shows and movies have mentioned the Hudson Valley region and New York state. Shows such as King of Queens, Steinfeld, Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond will add in certain New York state town names.

I always get excited when I hear any part of New York State get mentioned on a tv show or movie. I've always watched The Twilight Zone when it was a marathon during New Years and Fourth of July. My family and I would also get excited when popular New York state town names such as Elmira and Binghamton were mentioned in different episodes.

While visiting upstate New York, I had the chance to visit a hidden gem that relates to The Twilight Zone and its creator, Rod Serling.

What Upstate New York Town Inspired A Twilight Zone Episode?

Canva, Allison Kay
Canva, Allison Kay

Rod Serling was the host of The Twilight Zone and also wrote the episodes as well.

The Rod Serling Archive explained that Serling was born in upstate New York in Syracuse and he moved with his family to Binghamton, NY. They also explained that Serling served in the military before going to college in Ohio and working in New York City.

Serling then moved into television and freelance writing and that's when the Twilight Zone was born.

After doing research, I found a gazebo in Binghamton, NY that inspired Serling to write one of his famous episodes.

How Did Binghamton, NY Inspire A Famous Twilight Zone Episode?

Atlas Obscura shared information about Rod Serling and an episode that was inspired from his hometown.

"Walking Distance" was the Twilight Zone Episode that Rod Serling was inspired to create based on a gazebo and carousel. This episode aired in 1959 and was the fifth one.

"Walking Distance" is about a man who witnessed himself at a younger age carving his name onto a gazebo at a park with a carousel. Gig Young played Martin Sloane who then stepped back in time to his childhood and was confused to find out that everything was still the same.

During the episode, viewers were able to relate to Sloane who was able to walk through his childhood again, during the "good ol' days".

Atlas Obscura shared that the gazebo and carousel in Binghamton, NY inspired Serling to create the "Walking Distance" episode, fascinating!

I was excited to find out the location of this park and took a visit there.

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Where Can Twilight Zone Lovers Go To See This Special Gazebo In New York State?

Canva, Allison Kay
Canva, Allison Kay

Atlas Obscura also mentioned that 

"The setting of the story is based on a real carousel that has been in continuous operation since 1925 in Recreation Park in Binghamton, New York, where the visionary creator of the famous television series grew up."

Guests can visit the Recreation Park in Binghamton, NY to see a part of Twilight Zone history. There's a plaque in the middle of the gazebo that states, 

“Rod Serling, Creator of The Twilight Zone, “Walking Distance.”

When I visited, the carousel was not operating but maybe it does during a different time.

What episode of the Twilight Zone is your favorite? Would you visit this gazebo in Binghamton, NY? Tell us more below.

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