Spring has finally sprung in Upstate NY and next week's weather forecast proves it!

Capital Region and Upstate New York residents know how unpredictable our weather can be and when it comes to Spring, we temper our optimism when it comes to warmer weather most of us crave.

In Upstate New York, mid-April weather can be very temperamental, producing high winds, heavy rain, and even snow storms.

But a quick peak at next week's weather gives us a reason for great optimism.

At least one forecast is calling for a significant warm-up with back-to-back days possibly touching temps in the 80s.

According to one forecast, temperatures on Monday and Tuesday are expected to hover around 69 degrees, but by the middle of next week, we could see a mini heatwave.

Temps are expected to hit the mid-70s, but by Thursday and Friday, we could top 80's on consecutive days.

Albany weather as predicted for April 12th-14th. Looks pretty good if you're one of those people who like perfect temperatures!

Central New York is in for a bit of a warm-up as well, as temps in Utica are expected to rise as well, nearing 80 by the middle of next week!

Brian Cody
Central New York weather as predicted for April 12th-14th. Looks pretty too.  Welcome Spring!

What is the average Weather forecast for Albany in April?

According to weather experts, the high seasonal average temp in Albany is around 67 degrees,  but it's not all the uncommon to top 80 degrees.  Albany hit a record high temp of 88 in 2021 and a record low of 49 degrees in 2020.

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