Survey Says: An Upstate NY family will be appearing on the hit game show Family Feud this week and their run starts tonight!

A second family from Upstate New York is ready to tussle on TV  after announcing the date(s) they're scheduled to appear on The Family Feud.

This is the second recent family from Upstate NY scheduled to be on TV's Family Feud!

Last week, an article from the Times Union reported that long-time personality from the NY Lottery, Yolanda Vega, along with her family will be appearing on the game show on February 2nd.

But Vega and her crew aren't the only ones from the Capital Region ready to throw down on the Feud.

Meet the Logan Family from Canajoharie, New York.

Picked to compete on the show from the area were parents Vinnie and Kamille, along with their 3 daughters, Kelsey, 29, and twins Ariannah and Jordyn, 25.

Kamille Logan Facebook
Logan Facebook

How did a family from Montgomery County get picked to play Family Feud?

According to a story in the Leader-Herald, Canajoharie resident Kamille saw an ad a few years ago while scrolling through Facebook that the Feud was looking for families.

A fan of the show, Kamille told the newspaper that like many families, she screenshotted the ad and texted it to the rest of her family "as an inside joke."

Time to play the Feud!

A month later, according to the report, Ariannah, a third-grade teacher at Canajoharie Elementary "ran to her mother shouting they had won an audition."

Unbeknownstance to her mom, the 25-year-old twin daughter signed her family up and they got picked.

“I was crying, I was shaking, I was telling her how much I loved her and thanking her,” Kamille Logan told the local paper.

According to the Leader-Herald, the family taped their episode(s) at the end of May, and faced off against the Bruce Family on June second, in an episode we will see on Monday, January 23rd.

We're not sure how well the Logan Family does, but on Kamille's Facebook page, she informed people of the 3 air dates her family is scheduled to appear making it pretty safe to assume they have a nice little run on Family Feud.

Here are the dates and times that the Logan Family episodes are scheduled to air:

  • Monday, 1/23/23  at 6 pm on the CW
  • Tuesday, 1/24/23  6 pm on the CW
  • Friday, 1/27/23  6 pm on the CW
Spectrum, channel 15
Dish Network, channel 45
Direct TV, channel 45

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