New York State is filled with beautiful, majestic and rare animals. From moose to black bear, fisher and fox you never know what you may encounter in the wild and maybe even in your backyard. Here is one that I am willing to bet you have never seen before, a pink pigeon.

Do pink pigeons even exist? Here's one that was discovered in New York this month but not everyone is pleased with the color of this pigeon.

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According to New York's ABC7, a pink pigeon was found in Madison Square Park in Manhattan. At first look one might think how cool it is to see something so rare. Upon a closer look this bird was not healthy and appeared to be struggling.

The Wild Bird Fund reports that a good Samaritan contacted them about this pink pigeon and the fund is letting everyone know, pink pigeons do not exist. They are suggesting that this King Pigeon, now affectionately named 'Flamingo' was deliberately dyed pink.

Some are now suggesting that 'Flamingo' may have been dyed pink for a gender reveal party. The Wild Bird Fund warn that domestic birds should not be released into the wild. When you send your pets out into the world without your care they are most likely facing starvation and/or death.




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