This NYC based influencer seems to think she has authority over what we can an cannot eat.. 

As far as I knew Chinese was always an option no matter what time of year it was. Apparently I was wrong, at least according to a Brooklyn NY based social media personality.

Is there really a time limit on when you get to enjoy some orange chicken and an eggroll? The Burrata babe says yes, and it has to stop at Memorial Day Weekend.


She made a post on her Instagram page earlier this week saying the Memorial Day is the last day you can enjoy Chinese food. Basically saying it is not an option during the summer months here in New York State.

The reasons she listed are:

      • eggrolls aren't beach food
      • not a summer food


 Obviously, this is total nonsense. Chinese food can easily be enjoyed at the beach. It can be enjoyed anywhere you want, especially in the takeout containers that they give it to you in.  So what are we supposed to do? No Chinese food until Labor Day, and that's also the last day you can wear white? Get outta here.

There seems to be this trend with social influencers telling people what they can or cannot do. That's the problem here.

I don't care how warm it gets outside, enjoy whatever food you want. It's like when people tell you you can't have ice cream in the winter. Oh yes I can, and I will.

Eat what you want, when you want, and stop listening to social media influencers.

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