It has finally happened and the group working hard at the Black Rock Forest is thrilled to report the news. Dr. Scott LaPoint and his team have finally done what they set out to do 5 years ago. They have successfully trapped and tagged a fisher.

Back in February, I contacted Dr. LaPoint when I saw a Facebook post that he was trapping, tagging, and releasing bobcats in the Black Rock Forest located in Cornwall, New York. At that time he wrote me back to say that he had turned his focus to bobcat tracking when he was having difficulty actually finding fishers which he explained were rare in Black Rock Forest.

Black Rock Forest Studies Fishers in the Hudson Valley, New York

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If you go to the Black Rock Forest website you can read more about the current research going on throughout the Black Rock Forest in addition to Dr. LaPoint's Hudson Highlands Wildlife Connectivity Project. The purpose is to use the information gathered about wildlife movement in the area to help with conservation. Specifically to help understand how manmade objects like highways can interfere with natural movement.

We at Black Rock Forest have worked for decades to document wildlife use (or underuse) of under-road tunnels and have worked with regional land preservation and conservation organizations to facilitate landscape corridors. We are now expanding our efforts by initiating the Hudson Highlands Wildlife Connectivity Project. Through this project, we will collect carnivore distribution and behavior data that will help us assess the landscape’s connectivity and to identify areas that are in need of mitigation (i.e., movement barriers) and those in need of conserving (i.e., movement corridors). (


Black Rock Forest Video of Bobcat Family using Under Road tunnel in New York

Not to make light of this video but when I watch it the first time it made me think of every human mother who has ever tried to get their kids to one location. It is wild to see a bobcat mom experiencing the same issue and in the case of this video, it is nice to see that she wasn't trying to do it across a busy highway.

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