Schoharie County is rich with natural beauty, historic sites, Norman Rockwell-style small towns and farms, and many fine places for food, from restaurants to farm stands.

But, as for people?  Not so much.  The sprawling county (650 square miles) only has about 30,000 residents.  That makes it the fifth smallest county by population in the entire Empire State.

But here is something to think about.  For that few people, the county sure has a wonderful variety of places to go to "enjoy a sip."  This gallery features eight of them.

They include breweries, wineries, distilleries, and cideries.  They can be found all over Schoharie County.  You will be surprised when you discover some of these.  One of them is the "hot spot" on a small Main Street in a pretty farming town.  Another is a tiny brewery that makes great beers and outstanding sourdough bread.  And, to top it all off (literally) you will find a small brewery way up on a mountaintop that received the highest award crafter brewers can ever hope for.  In 2023 they were named "The Best Craft Brewery in New York State!"

We hope you will consider stopping at one (or all) of these great little spots the next time you are on a "drive through" in beautiful Schoharie County.  Oh, and we included a brewery that is not actually in the county.  It is located just east of Schoharie County.  But we included it because it is a great little place and it is so close to the border of Schoharie County that you can drive there before three songs stop playing on your car radio!

NOTE:  We will revisit this topic with other Upstate New York counties in the future.

Schoharie County Loves Their Breweries, Cideries, Distilleries, and Wineries!!

There must be something in the water out in Schoharie County. This large sprawling county has barely 30,000 people in it total. In fact it is the 5th least populated county of all the 62 in New York. But percentage wise it has a large variety of breweries, cideries, distilleries, and wineries from which to stop at and "enjoy the view." This is a list of 8 such places. You will find these venues on hilltops, along waterways, near one of the most famous natural attractions in the Empire State, and one in the heart of one of the county's largest communities. And these places are no small shake. In fact on this list your will find a small brewery, located high up "in the clouds" that was named the best New York State Craft Brewery in 2023. In all the state! Awesome. So what is it about the water, Schoharie County. (PS: You will note that I included a brewery just outside of Schoharie County on this list. But, it is so close you can drive there before three tunes play on your radio!).

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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