Rent prices right now in New York are astronomical and we’re not talking about in the City – we’re talking statewide.  

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Landlords have tenants in a bit of a lock as rent rates shot up in 2022 over what landlords have blamed growing taxes and the big increase in cost to care for rental units.  

Rent has increased so much in just a few short years that even the middle class is questioning whether or not it can continue to live in New York as it struggles to pay everyday bills. Lower class? Forget about it. Finances are heaping worry on everyone these days, but particularly middle and lower class.  

New York City has seen an increase in rent, but they blame us – the suburban areas of the state, saying that building activity in the suburbs is really slow. Noah Kazis, professor at the University of Michigan Law School told New York Focus, ““It’s not just that the New York suburbs are building less than the city. They’re building less than any suburbs on the East Coast.” 

On the other hand, the suburbs are blaming the City for everything being more expensive where we are. Oh, and the suburbs also like to blame the governor for the increase in taxes, materials, and the like but that’s an age-old story for another time.  

No matter what, it looks like just with everything else that came out of the strange last few years we’ve suffered, I mean lived, though, high rent prices are here to stay and there’s not an awful lot we can do about it.  

A new data analysis from Dwellsy has produced a list called “Top Ten Most Expensive Small Cities for One-Bedroom Apartment Rentals” and on it is one small city right in our own backyard.  

If you’re shopping around and looking to make an apartment hop it might be worth it to lay eyes on the Dwellys list because - surprise! Rent is super high in Ithaca. 

Rent prices for a one-bedroom apartment in Ithaca averages $1,908. The only other small city in New York to make the list of the most expensive places to rent is Poughkeepsie-Newburgh where you can expect to pay $1,790 a month for a one-bedroom apartment.

According to Dwellsy, Ithaca is the second most expensive small city in the United States for rent. The most expensive small city to rent in is Santa Barbara, California where a one-bedroom apartment will set you back about $2,020.

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