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Millennials love their avocado toast. They spend frivolously. They all want to be Instagram influencers.

Oh, and no one wants to work anymore.

A reddit thread tackled a lot these things with one simple image with text.

Half of America makes less than 35K.

Stop asking is why we're not having children. Stop asking us why we're not buying homes. Stop asking us why we can't save. Stop asking why we don't get a better job.

Ask corporations why their paying their employees low wages.

Perhaps it is not about premium toast.

Maybe the ever changing job market and corporations squeezing as much as they can out of every worker while saddling them with additional responsibilities left by those who have been shown the door or found their own emergency exit has taken it's toll an an entire generation of people who want to work without being victimized.

Per Google, the median income for an individual in New York is $35,379. That is right in the spot of the above quote.

Per Rentcafe, the New York cost of living is 31% higher than the national average. Allegedly, it comes in around $63,600. Do we see a problem?

So rather than assuming people don't want to work, maybe it is time to understand they don't want to work to not be able to afford basic living expenses. Why waste your day doing a job that won't pay your bills? Maybe it is time for companies to look at themselves and figure out how much they really value their up and comers and pay them in a way that shows that appreciation and finally lets Millennials onto the capitalism train of debt where they are so badly needed.

Then maybe, they can have their toast and eat it too.

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