Robert Plant and Alison Krauss are continuing their musical journey together with a Spring/ Summer tour in 2023. This leg of the "Raising The Roof" tour will kick off in Shreveport, Louisiana on April 25 before winding its way to Bethel, New York on July 1, with tickets currently on sale in a pre-sale only basis until Feb 3.

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The pair has been making music together since 2007 in what seemed to be an unexpected collaboration for the golden god of Led Zeppelin and the soft voice of bluegrass. Plant has never been one to shy away from going his own way musically and this collaboration was no exception. And it led to a very neat little celebrity sighting of my own.

Spending much of my life in Nashville, I was able to have encounters with many artists over the years. Robert and I never rubbed elbows, but he certainly bumped mine once. It was a flight into Nashville that saw me, sitting in the aisle seat, get starstruck as a man with long curly blonde hair did his best to not hit my arm. With only so much room in an airplane, little could be done, and his avoidance was for naut. When I looked up, I instantly recognized who it was that had just inadvertently bumped me. He continued to his seat, and I just sat a bit flabbergasted in my seat.

Part of the joy of Nashville is that celebrities used to be able to mingle and not get bothered. We became very used to their presence and for the most part, we all knew to just "be cool". There is a hierarchy in celebrity status that we are all aware of. I may have had the opportunity to meet and greet a number of rock stars, but coming down the aisle that day was a genuine icon. But still, house rules applied, and he was able to get to his seat and even get his baggage without anyone bothering him. Nashville Code upheld.

I am always in for a nice drive and perhaps I will take a jaunt down Bethel and reunite with the guy who was once on an airplane with me. I know he can hardly wait.


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