A 50-year-old Utica man is currently charged with manslaughter in connection Wednesday's death at home on the 100 block of Eagle Street.

Police say Matthew Johnston may have that charge upgraded pending further investigation. Johnston approached the Park Ave Fire Station at around 3:00 a.m. on Wednesday and told fire officials there was a man on his porch in need of medical attention, police say. Utica Police and Fire responded to the scene where they found a seriously injured male on the home's porch. Despite life-saving efforts, the victim died.

Matthew Johnston, photo via Utica Police
Matthew Johnston, photo via Utica Police

At this time, police are withholding the victim's identity pending notification of family.

Police say Johnston returned to the scene as police were investigating and officers learned he had made some incriminating statements about the incident, leading to his arrest. Before he was taken into custody, however, officers say Johnston began to actively fight them. After a brief struggle we was arrested, police said.

Police expect to be able to publicly announce the victim's identity later today.

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