New Hartford graduating senior Kate Schiavi was in WIBX's studios on Monday performing her new "Indie Breakup" song called Memories. Schiavi was the 2023 winner of the Boilermaker Post Race Party National Anthem contest, which was held at Babes in June of last year. As winner of the contest, Schiavi performed the Star Spangled Banner in front of some 30,000 people at least year's post race party.

Recently, as she was contempalting which college to choose, she reached out and offered to perform her new song on thge Keeler Show.


Hello Mr. Keeler!

This is Kate Schiavi writing through my dad’s email.  I’m writing to share some exciting updates since you invited me on your show and the post-race party last year.

First, you mixed my live performance so well (even added gentle reverb! lol) that I used your show’s YouTube upload of the song as a demo for my college auditions.  That worked great as… 

I was accepted at four different colleges for a degree in Songwriting and Production.  I am struggling to choose between two universities in Nashville (Belmont and Lipscomb).  Either way, I’m going to Nashville!  :)

My appearance on your show was received so positively that I was able to crowd-fund money to produce the original song you let me play.  I will be producing the song at a professional studio in Syracuse this summer. 

Finally, I just finished producing (with some professional help) an original Indie-Pop breakup song.  It’s my first major release, appearing on all streaming services on May 31st.  It was my most popular song as an acoustic demo, and now it’s fully produced.  You can be the first person outside of my family to hear it (see attached).  If you are busy at the moment, just sample the bridge from 3:31-4:22.

Last time we talked, you welcomed me to come back on the show.  I’d love to come back and share how much you were able to help me springboard my future in music, and also play an acoustic version of this new song as a promotion of the upcoming release.  (The whole song is a detailed and relatable story, so it’s actually a good fit for “talk” radio.)

Please let me know.  I’d absolutely love it!!

Many, MANY Thanks,


A new National Anthem Contest for the Boilermaker Post Race Party will be held in June with WIBX at Babes. More details to follow.

Schiavi will be leaving for Nashville in August to attend college for songwriting and music production.

Check out her performance here from Monday morning on the Keeler Show.

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