"Pickles do NOT belong on burgers." That's a strong opinion. Do Central New Yorkers agree?

The debate over pickles on burgers has sparked some passionate opinions recently, particularly after a Reddit post claimed, "Pickles do NOT belong on burgers."

That's a pretty BOLD statement

"A warm, soggy pickle? On a burger? Mmmmmm no thank you. There is a time a place for pickles, and it is NOT on a burger. You cannot tell me that you like a sour burger. And you cannot tell me that you like hot, floppy pickles.“

Local Central New York fans such as Barb Carpenter and Stacey Gonyea Mahoney were quick to defend their love for pickles, declaring, "Pickles on burgers?? Hell yes!!!"

The controversy didn't stop there.

Eric Connine took a moderate stance, acknowledging that while he enjoys thin slices of pickles on his burger, others might prefer their burger without any pickles at all. Meanwhile, Catherine C Hatch humorously expanded the debate, listing an array of unconventional burger toppings including eggs, gold leaf, and many more.

Solutions Do Exist

Christina Mercedes offered a practical solution, advocating for crisp, cold Claussen pickles as a way to avoid the dreaded "warm, soggy pickle" scenario. Sandra Saporito enjoys pickles hot or cold on her sandwiches. John Krainik aptly put it, "I love it when someone tells me that something I eat isn’t acceptable. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences."

"Whether you relish the tangy crunch of pickles or prefer your burger without any additional frills, the beauty of food lies in its ability to accommodate a spectrum of preferences."

The debate on pickles on burgers may never truly be settled, but one thing remains certain- in the realm of food, there's no right or wrong.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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