Have you ever wondered where the exact center of New York State is? We have the exact geographical center.

We may have three possible answers to this question. This is a massive debate across the state:

1) The geographic center of New York is located in Madison County

According to NetState, the geographic center of New York State is 12 miles South of Oneida New York and 26 miles South West of Utica. New York borders Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and Canada in the north. To the south, New York borders Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean.

At one point Oneida Castle, a village in the town of Vernon, was thought to be the center. In fact, the town of Vernon website still claims to this day that they’re the center.

So where is the Center? According to Google, if you're looking for the address, it's 6102 Rocks Road in Munnsville.

2) So Another Answer Is Jamesville

One user created a Google Map of each U.S. states geographical center. The geographical center can be defined as the most central locations of each state’s geographical boundary. These points have nothing to do with people, they are simply the center of the state.

New York's point according to this map is located at (Lat) 42° 57.9', (Lon) -76° 1.0'. This location is in Jamesville, which is a hamlet in the town of DeWitt, New York. This does go against the first answer slightly, but the first answer is verified on Google Maps as the geographical center of New York State.

3) Theres A Whole Other Answer To This

We just opened a rabbit hole on this one. Apparently a place called Pratt's Hollow is the center of the state:

Regardless of what you believe, or how you play with the calculations, the fact is there is a sign claiming the center of the state. At the intersection of Rocks Road (Route 42) and Pratts Road (Route 49) you’ll find the historic United Methodist Church. It’s a simple, white church watching peacefully over the main intersection in the hamlet."

You can read the crazy history on that online here.

4) Have You Traveled To Any Of These Places?

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