Who doesn't love cheese? The Food Network went on a quest to find the best cheese dish in every state. Honestly, New York they completely ignored Upstate.

Let's review your favorite cheese dishes- Ooey gooey quesadillas, creamy bowls of macaroni and cheese, pizza piled high with extra cheese, and of course stringy mozzarella sticks to name a few. There are very few cravings that the cheese can’t satisfy.

From breakfast to dessert and everything in between, Food Network looked at the cheesy regional favorites "that make each state melt with pride." Here's what they had for New York:

The Chopped Cheese In New York City From White Gold Butchers

One of New York City's most-beloved dining institutions is the bodega, a corner store that’s responsible for Big Apple classics like the chopped cheese: a cross between a Philly cheesesteak and a cheeseburger. For a gourmet take on the beloved chop cheese, as it's known locally, stop by White Gold Butchers.

Here's what that sandwich is: A custom poppy seed bun where both sides of the bun are slicked with mayo, then toasted on the plancha before being stuffed with the cheesy, meaty filling.

Granted, it sounds amazing......but......

Why Does The Food Network Hate Upstate New York?

Honestly, whenever the Food Network creates a best of the best style list, Upstate New York gets the shaft. Syracuse rarely will get a mention, Buffalo might get something, but Utica and Albany are always non-existent. We get New York City is the capital of the world for many things, but, can't you throw us a bone once in a while?

Upstate New York is home to the Little Falls Cheese Festival, and that doesn't even include the Cheese festivals in the North Country.

Food Network, start showcasing us please!

These 8 Spots on the Central New York Cheese Trail Are Pretty 'Grate'

"Central New York’s cheesemakers are combining forces to elevate your culinary experience in the Heart of New York!"

Hop aboard the Central New York Cheese Trail, where 8 different vendors are teaming up to bring you straight to the "gouda" stuff, if ya know what we mean.

Here's the different places you can visit. Don't forget to pick up a trail card from any of these participating locations! If you go to all of them, you can win an insulated tote bag (which is super nice, by the way.)

Gallery Credit: Kaylin

15 Utica and Rome Area Restaurants To Find Mac N Cheese At

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Top Rated Fried Cheese Curds In Central New York

Looking to chow down on deep fried cheese curds in Central and Upstate New York? Here are some of the highest rated places to try according to social media.

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