Reddit is back at it again. This time about a series of "explosions" in Eastwood. Understandably, Redditors are up in arms over losing sleep due to these loud noises, but this rabbit hole goes a little deeper.

There have been multiple "explosions" each night for multiple nights in a row, but it's supposedly been going on for much longer than you'd think. Some Redditors claim this has been happening almost every night for well over a year.

On November 16th, 2021, Local SYR posted a story about this, and at that time, it had already been going on for months. But to this day, it has still gone unsolved. So the questions remain, what is it? Who's doing it? And why has nothing been done about it?

The Syracuse Police Department and Syracuse Fire Department say they have received calls about this but claim they have not been able to find anything. This does seem strange, however, as this has been going on almost every night for over a year, and they haven't even heard or felt this loud boom even once.

The running theory is that someone is setting off fireworks, but many residents are unconvinced, claiming that the booms have made their entire house shake, something that fireworks could not do.

One resident claimed that the booms are akin to a grenade going off, something he had experienced during his time in the US Army. Other Redditors have theorized that it is low-grade TNT or Cherry Bombs. One Redditor even said it was most likely CSX railyard, and the sound is simply shipping containers banging together, and the sound is easy to confuse with an actual explosion.

Another possibility is it could be Tannerite, an explosive target made so marksmen can know when they hit their target, but its high concentrations can be powerful and potentially deadly.

Whatever it is, it's more than likely the result of some late-night pranksters who get a kick out of setting off loud noises in the middle of the night, and getting a response out of it when people take to Reddit and Facebook in outrage.

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