If you've ever wanted to start your own restaurant or brewery in Central New York, this is the perfect spot for you to do it.

So many people deep down have had the dream of opening their own diner, restaurant or brewery. They've always just ran into the problem of money, cooking expertise, or poor location choices.

Good news! All that will change with this latest listing that just hit the market.

Call the bank and get the loan ready, you'll want to grab this spot before it's gone. Located at 8345 New Floyd Road in RomeJonny B's Tavern can soon be yours. Recently refurbished with new siding, roof and more... there is so much to love about this listing.

One of my favorite parts is the restaurant's location. It sits perfectly in between Griffiss Air Force Base and the Wolfspeed Nano facility in Marcy, creating unlimited potential for new customers. Whether you want to start your own brewery or serve up your dream dishes, this property gives you all the tools to do so.

Credit - Google Maps
Credit - Google Maps

Not only do you get the restaurant and bar, but even more income potential with an apartment attached to the building. Andrew Derminio, with River Hills Properties LLC, couldn't be any more serious when he says "opportunity awaits".

Also, Jonny B's is still open and serving AMAZING food for their customers! They're just excited and ready to pass the business on to a new owner. Could it be you?

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Take a virtual tour for yourself and send it to a friend who might be interested. You never know... you could be the NEXT big thing in the Mohawk Valley.

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