It's time to get your eyes checked. This wasn't a cat one Upstate New York family let inside their house last night.

DEC Environmental Conservation Officers (ECO) received a complaint recently about an unwanted visitor in a woman's house. Though she loves her animals, it was pretty clear she didn't want this raccoon taking shelter in her home.

Credit - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Credit - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

When ECO Damrath made it to her residence in Erie County, he found the raccoon slumped in the corner of her room on top of a bookshelf. By taking one look around the house, it was pretty clear to the officer this was no freak accident. The homeowner was completely to blame.

Open Door Policy

It wasn't just the raccoon the ECO found in the house. There were also several cats taking shelter, eating from the food left out by the woman. ECO Damrath also noticed a two-way "cat door" when walking into the house. Meaning the woman was intentionally feeding neighborhood animals in the house.

Iff you were a racoon snooping around for food, why wouldn't you take advantage of a free bed & breakfast?


ECO Damrath was able to safely remove the raccoon from the house, but his job wasn't done. He then informed the woman of local leash and vermin laws. Not only is possessing a raccoon against the law, but it's also dangerous.

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It's helpful for anyone who has or is thinking about installing a two-way cat door onto their house. Your friendly feline might appreciate the easy access, but you might be opening the door to more than just pets to your house.

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