It's not every day first responders get a call like this, especially when someone is out hiking in the Adirondacks.

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation recently received an urgent alert from a pair of hikers at Blue Mountain Lake. They're always on standby for any emergency with missing or injured hikers on the trails, but they didn't expect to be told someone was bleeding this much. Especially from a dog.

Credit - Carl Neff
Credit - Carl Neff

A 29-year-old woman was hiking with her mother and two dogs on the Northville Placid trail, when things got out of hand. One of the dogs bit the woman, piercing all the way through her hand. She started bleeding profusely and needed help as soon as possible.

DEC Forest Ranger Jason Scott got the call and quickly made his way up to the trail. By the time he got there, another hiker was already helping the woman. Ranger Scott was able to administer first-aid, getting the bleeding to stop for the time being.

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The hiker, her mother and two dogs were then escorted back down the trail and to their vehicle. The woman told the Ranger she'd go receive further medical help on her own.

Credit - Carl Neff
Credit - Carl Neff

It's always important to know basic first-aid and the rules for dogs before embarking on a hike. Though first responders and Forest Rangers are there to help you in an emergency, knowing the basics could help save you or someone else before help arrives.

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As for dogs, some trails allow dogs and others do not. Be mindful and do your research before you pick your hike. If you can bring your dog, also know the correct leash rules. Not that this particular dog got out of hand... but if it was not on a leash and bit someone else, you are responsible for the dogs actions. Same goes if your dog runs off the trail and gets lost.

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