Hi Idiots.

There is a phrase that I've noticed floating around the show since I first started back in January. It has been used in multiple circumstances by both show members and listeners. At first, I thought it was a radio term for some kind of literal coding in the radio-system logs until I remembered who was running the board and knew he definitely didn't know anything about coding.

This was my first introduction to "Show Code", back in January when Kelly told an embarrassing story about a nude hot spring she visited in Colorado and a listener wrote in to inform her she wasn't as alone as she thought.

From there, I came to realize that show code wasn't a literal thing, but an unspoken agreement. An agreement that if something embarrassing happens or an incredible story happens to you, you must share it. No judgment (well maybe some), but generally you are sharing a vulnerable moment for the Story™ for the glory that comes with sharing a ridiculous story.

Like Maitlynn, when she told us about how she found out about cat-holics.

Or Kelly, when she told us the wild source of her many-month health struggles. I wish I had a clip of this story, but you can infer the source from this post.


Photo by Josefin on Unsplash
Photo by Josefin on Unsplash

Or how I recently ruined a funeral (sigh).

Or, my personal favorite, when Free Beer revealed he replied to what he thought was his wife's text but actually replied to an Idiots for Underdogs recipient about some...bedroom talk. I would have taken that to my grave, and he voluntarily told everyone.

While it's always entertaining when someone on the show reveals something embarrassing, some of the best stories and comments from listeners when they share their own Show Codes.


What's your favorite Show Code moment? Let us know, and feel free to share your own show code moments with us anything by emailing idiots@freebeerandhotwings.com.

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