On Wednesday, April 26, 2023 at night time, the United State Border Patrol Agents in Western New York stopped an illegal entry attempt by 3 men. The three Mexican men were sneaking on a train that was going to be crossing into Buffalo from Canada.

It was an awesome joint effort by many agencies.

An aircrew from the United States Customs and Border Protections and Air and Marine Operations scanning the Niagara River noticed something weird going on at the railroad bridge heading into Buffalo, New York on the International Railroad Bridge.

The International Railroad Bridge goes over the Niagara River between Buffalo, N.Y. and Ontario, Canada and you can see it very clearly from the 190.

Protecting our borders requires the whole of government approach, and close integration amongst all law enforcement partners, said Marc Sledge, Director, Air and Marine Operations, Great Lakes Air and Marine Branch. In this example, Air and Marine Operations assets were critical in providing real time information to the Border Patrol to do what they do best, preventing illegal entry into the United States between the ports of entry", according to the United State Customs and Broder Protection website.

Good job and thank you to all involved for keeping us safe!

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