Wow. This is insane. If you have been looking around for a new home watch out. This is like some real-life Home Alone movie stuff. There was a deadly and pretty massive booby trap that was found in a three-story house on the staircase.

There is a spot on one of the stairs that an intruder would step through and activate a swinging pendulum that would come down and hit the person walking up the stairs. It was a line of string just a couple of inches above the stair. On the end of the swinging pendulum is a massive knife. It's actually pretty scary.

Apparently, a group of investors went to go check out this house where they found the contraption. The investors will buy homes and renovate them and flip them. In case you are wondering, YES, they still bought the place after they found the booby trap.

The housing market is absolutely weird right now. It has been since the pandemic. But, there are a lot of buyers and certainly not a lot of inventory out there on the market. That is why you see so many houses going up for sale with an above-average asking price. It has been that way for quite some time.

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