Winter is officially here and in full effect in New York state, bringing about lovely things like family get-togethers, the new year, snow days, and football playoff season - but have you also noticed that winter also brings some annoying (and sometimes nasty) changes to your body, attitude, and energy?

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Even if you feel completely normal now, something will inevitably happen to your gorgeous self that will make you feel like a disgusting person who doesn’t want to leave the house.

It’s more than just getting sick. Cold, winter weather can bring about changes to our bodies that aren’t just annoying - they’re straight-up gross.

New York state residents are probably used to it by now, but it doesn’t make these bodily changes any less infuriating. From flaky skin, noses that leak like faucets, and feeling bummed out and exhausted during the work day- winter weather can wreak havoc on our systems inside and out.

It’s important to realize it’s okay, though - it happens to all of us! Almost everyone has at least one physical reaction to the cold winter temperatures that’s generally irritating. Just be sure to keep some spare kleenex in your pocket just in case you suddenly need to blow your nose (or to offer to that stranger in line at the grocery store who might have a “bat in the cave.” Trust - they’ll be grateful.)

Here are some physical changes you can look out for thanks to this cold and wet New York state winter.

Disgusting Body Changes During Winter In New York State

Have you noticed that when winter arrives, it also brings some annoying (and sometimes gross) changes to your body?