Thankfully, it wasn’t a person, but this story still raises a lot of questions.

An alligator was rescued from a park in New York City last week, and it was later discovered that the alligator had swallowed something rather abnormal for your typical gator. 

The American alligator was found in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Lake by employees for the New York Department of Parks and Recreation last week, and we recently received an update following the rescue from NYC’s Bronx Zoo

In an update, we found out that the alligator swallowed a bathtub stopper. 

The wayward gator was discovered in Brooklyn's Prospect Park Lake by workers for the New York Department of Parks and Recreation last Sunday.

This female alligator was found weak and abnormally thin, which the cold weather played a role in that. Since the rescue, the alligator has been cared for by the city's Bronx Zoo.

Last week, the zoo shared the X-rays that showed the 4-inch-wide bathtub stopper found within the female alligator.

Since the gator was rescued in such weak condition, they had to hold off on removing the bathtub plug. 

According to the Bronx Zoo statement, the alligator was about 5 feet long and normally would weigh between 30 and 35 pounds. However, the alligator weighed only 15 pounds, which is abnormally light. 

As of now, the gator is being fed by tube to provide her with the nutrients, fluids, and vitamins that she needs to recover. 

It makes you wonder how an alligator got into the lake to begin with, but then I think back to when Buffalo had a similar experience in 2001.

Remember when someone let an alligator loose into the Scajaquada Creek? It started in Lancaster, goes through Cheektowaga, and eventually it goes through Buffalo and empties out in the Niagara River as it passes through Black Rock.

Maybe someone let this gator loose in New York City?

You can read more about the Alligator Found In Buffalo, New York Creek here

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