This weather is messing with me. I thought I was done mowing the lawn, but no, Mother Nature had other plans for that. Is this the last weekend I have to pull the mower out?

Now I don't believe there's an exact day that you are supposed to stop mowing the lawn, it depends on how the person feels I guess. Some people might stop mowing the lawn when the leaves fall. Others may wait until the temperatures are consistently colder. I guess the last option is waiting for the first frost or snowfall.

This year, I'll be honest, I thought I was done mowing the lawn, as we had had our first frost. I was all about parking the mower for the year, but then temperatures starting getting warmer again. The warmer weather on top of the rain made me have to pull the mower back out.

After that, I thought I was done, but here we are, having 70-degree temperatures again, and my grass looks like it needs another trim. Don't get me wrong, I actually like mowing the lawn and doing yard work, but I was just under the impression that I didn't have to do it anymore this year.

Obviously, it best to stop the grass when you notice that it stops growing. So, I'll be out there this weekend enjoying the warm November weather, and mowing the grass.

When do you stop mowing the grass? Do you push it until just before the snow comes or stop after the first frost? Leave your comments below.

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