When you drive to Little Falls, you can tour the historic Herkimer Home. When you are there, will you find ghosts?

Revolutionary War hero General Nicholas Herkimer completed construction of his Georgian-style mansion in 1764 in the Mohawk Valley frontier. General Herkimer left his stamp on history in 1777, right here in Central New York:

Herkimer was en route to help defend Fort Stanwix when he and his men were ambushed by British-allied Loyalists and Iroquois at Oriskany. Although seriously wounded in the leg, Herkimer kept command during the fierce combat. After the battle, Herkimer was carried home and his leg was amputated 10 days later. Infection had already spread and hours later, when Herkimer died reading from his Bible, he was immediately regarded a martyr to the cause of American freedom, and his home became a shrine."

There have been several paranormal activities reported over the years. Reports of ghostly voices, footsteps and doors shutting are heard throughout the home. Even a tour guide has reported that a candlestick flew across the room. Some have reported on a strange mist seen in the cemetery.

Prescheduled investigations and guided haunted history tours are available by appointment during the operating season. You can learn more online.


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