The men and women working the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic need a break. Doctors and nurses have been going non stop, fighting COVID 19 since March. You can help give them a much needed day at the spa.

Jeff Capron of Boonville knows first hand how hard nurses are working. His wife works in the ER at St. Luke's in Utica. "I have watched her and all of her peers work tirelessly during the pandemic and with this current spike, the preexisting nursing shortage and  many nurses contracting COVID-19, they are working all the overtime they can to keep up."

The latest spike in coronavirus cases in Oneida County has nurses working at 110%. "Just ask any of the nurses working there," said Carpon. "They are just tired, but ever committed."

As a token of appreciation, Capron started a GoFundMe campaign to buy gift certificates to a local spa. " They can relax, get a massage, pedicure, and forget the pressure for a while."

There are currently 43 full-time ER nurses employed by St. Luke's. Capron is hoping to raise $2,150, enough for a day at the spa for each of the 43 nurses. "If we go above $2,150 then maybe we could include many of the nurse techs/assistants too who are also working extremely hard. If we can raise even more, then maybe we can also include other hospitals like St. Elizabeth's."

You can help give a nurse a much needed day at the spa by donating on GoFundMe.

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