The 2018 NFL Draft has been an eventful one for all three New York franchises and the anticipation and discussion has already begun for fans of the Bills, Giants and Jets, who were a combined 17-31 in the 2017 season. So, did one of the three come out ahead? The answer may be complicated.

The three teams used their top selections to choose big names on offense in the first minutes of the draft. Whether they succeed or fail in the short term (and in the long run) will be decided by the performance of those choices. Examining another NFL team may help determine the eventual outcome.

So, let's back up a moment and take a look at the best team in the history of pro football. The New England Patriots have produced a record of 214-74 in 18 seasons under head coach Bill Belichick.

In those 18 years, the Patriots used a #1 pick to select a marquee quarterback or running back exactly ZERO times. In fact, Laurence Maroney (not exactly marquee quality), picked first by the Pats (21st overall) in 2006, is the ONLY quarterback or running back Belichick chose with a #1 selection.

So, using the "Patriot Way" as a model for success, the Bills, Jets and Giants may already be behind the eight ball. Top skill players are sexy picks, but are usually more injury-prone. And, more often than not, Super Bowl winners have started lower-round players at QB and RB.

We know hopes are high among Bills fans, with the addition of Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen. And Jets fans are excited about THEIR new QB from USC, and the dawning of the Sam Darnold era. But, many experts feel the Giants had the best draft with the selection of running back Saquon Barkley.

Fans agree, at least in terms of memorabilia. Barkley's Giants' jersey was the top-seller among all draftees this year.

What do you Central New York fans think? Did one New York team "win" the 2018 draft? Or, did they all blow it by not following the Patriots' example of using top picks on positions other than QB and RB?


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