A heartbroken husky is struggling in a Central New York shelter after he was dropped off by his owner, and now he spends every day howling for his family.

Shadow is a 5-year-old husky, who is currently at the Herkimer Humane Society waiting for a new home. Initially, it was thought Shadow was a stray but later it was learned that his owner is the one who dropped him off.

Shadow is struggling at the shelter, howling for his family. He is housetrained, and gets along with other dogs - but the humane society says he would do best with a submissive dog.

Credit: Angela Suppa
Credit: Angela Suppa

Animal advocate Angela Suppa visited Shadow and took him for a walk. She says he is just looking for love and affection and wants to be part of a family again. Angela says, "he’s such a sweet (dog). He walks better in the leash than our dogs. Haha. He just wants love. You can tell by the look in this eyes that his heart is hurting. He’s missing his family and wants out of the shelter."

If you'd like to heal the heart of this beautiful dog, contact the Herkimer Humane Society at (315) 866-3255 or visit their website at herkimerhumanesociety.org.

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