They say it's a good workout. A shiny chrome stripper pole would look great next to my dusty old Gazelle and Bowflex.

You really can get lost for hours scrolling through your local Facebook Marketplace. They say pole dancing is great exercise.

Not everything has to be perverted. Did you know that pole dancing is a sport? It's true and they even have championships. There is a whole group  dedicated to the sport called the Pole Sport Organization.

In fact, pole dancing has become so popular in recent years there are penty of places in the Hudson Valley where you can hone in on the skill. Whether it's a place that specifically dials in on pole dancing like Hudson Valley Pole or local dance studios, pole dancing is becoming more and more mainstream. If it's something that you're into or thought about doing you may need to practice at home. If that's the case I may have found the perfect listing on Facebook.

A chrome stripper pole is for sale for $30 at Aphrodite's Antiques & Gifts in Highland.

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