Flu season is here and it's spreading fast through central New York. The number of influenza case has jumped more than 72% from last week and it's up over last years too.

There are 2,117 reported influenza cases in New York state this week. Up from 1,230 last week and the 1,743 cases during the same period last year.

The worst places in central New York for the flu are in Oneida and Oswego counties.

Oneida - 10
Madison - 3
Herkimer - 3
Oswego - 11

With the worst of flu season on the way over the next few months, everyone is reminded to get a flu shot, especially the elderly, young children, and pregnant women. If you do get the flu, STAY HOME and avoid spreading the virus. And wash your hand frequently.

Get up to date weekly influenza reports with the New York Department of Health Flu Tracker.

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