Ask and you shall receive. An Albany man prayed for help after capsizing his kayak on Lake George and it came - in the form of priests on a tiki bar.

Jimmy McDonald was kayaking on Lake George when he got stuck in the middle of the lake due to some choppy water. He says he was taking pictures with his phone and tipped over. Rather than yelling for help, he prayed.

His prayers were answered when a tiki bar appeared filled with priests and seminarians from the Paulist Fathers Retreat on Lake George.

The captain of the tiki tour boat Greg Barret tells WNYT, "I definitely believe it was a bit of a divine intervention."

Chris Malano, Paulist Fathers Seminarian agrees. "Our mission that day was to be present and to help someone in need."

Talk about irony. "How funny is it that, I've been sober for seven years and I get saved by a tiki bar," said McDonald.

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