Wait, can they do that? I wonder if they used the Wi-Fi labeled 'FBI Surveillance Van' that's on every block.

I just want to start off by saying that if the FBI has the right to fly a drone in my house I have every right to hit it with a tennis racket. So fly in at your own risk.

Talk about invading someone's airspace.

You never know when you're being watched these days. Between someone's cell phone, Ring camera's and drones I just assume I'm always on television. The last place someone would expect to be spied on is in their very own home unless there's a nosy neighbor outside. What if that nosey neighbor is the Federal Government and they are just watching you from outside. What if they flew a drone right inside your house.

According to the New York Post, one man is claiming that happened in his Poughkeepsie home in a criminal complaint.

The Post claims that the complaint alleges that the FBI sent a drone into the Hudson Valley resident's home on Carroll Street early in the morning before carrying out a search warrant. The complaint states that instead of knocking, a drone was sent in to the home first.

According to the Post and the report, the suspect was in possession of a firearm.

Is this method too invasive? Is it okay if it helps saves lives?

Have you seen officers piloting drones in the Hudson Valley?

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