Sarah, a single mom, and her three children have lost everything including their pets in a fire on Saturday, October 13, 2018, in West Winfield.

The fire ripped through their West Winfield home on Saturday, October 13, 2018, at around 11 am. Thankfully Sarah and her girls, Kylie 10, Chevy 4, and Hazel 3, were not at home, but their pets, two dogs, several cats, and a rabbit, did perish in the fire.

photo via Tiffany Kiefer

Just imagine losing ALL your possessions, everything from, family photos, furniture, dishes, Christmas decorations, everything in the kitchen, YOUR PETS, things that have taken a lifetime to acquire and some things that can never be replaced. We're asking you to help get this family back on their feet.

Sarah and the girls are temporarily staying in Rome, and are in need of gas cards as she's commuting to West Winfield twice a day so the kids can stay in school. You can also make a monetary donation at the GoFundMe Page started by Tiffany Kiefer. You can contact Tiffany at 315 725 4921 or via FB with any questions, offer help, or make donations with future benefits.

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