December 3 8:00 am - December 31 5:00 pm

Additional Information

We just spoke with Azalea’s oncologist this morning, after reviewing her scans he’s pretty confident she just has the one spot on her right arm. She will need a brain MRI and bone marrow biopsy done as soon as possible to ensure it isn’t anywhere else. If her bone marrow is clear she will need to receive a couple rounds of low dose chemo and radiation. If it’s not they will come up with a much more aggressive treatment.

We’ll be leaving for NYC at 2am tomorrow morning. Azalea’s oncologist said this kind of relapse isn’t impossible to treat, its going to be very difficult because of how aggressive her cancer is but not impossible. Relapsed Neuroblastoma is much more dangerous because when it comes back it’s stronger and smarter, more resistant to the few treatments that are available.

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