David Lee Roth discovered someone blasting Van Halen at a Las Vegas bachelor party and decided to drop by. Problem was, no one there had any idea who he is.

“We heard some Van Halen here and my name's David Lee Roth and I'm right across the hallway,” he said, after knocking on the hotel-room door. As you can see in the Roth Show video below, he was met with a blank look.

“The fellas here were coming down the hallway and they said, 'Shit, we heard some Van Halen,'" Roth explained. "And I said, 'Nah, shit!’” By then, several other partygoers had crammed into the doorway. Everyone seemed bemused, and vaguely apologetic. Still, nobody there seemed to be aware of the famous singer in their midst.

Ultimately, they must have guessed he was simply some old get-off-my-lawn type dude. One of the guests actually said he was sorry for the noise, before Roth – who said he was in town for the Electric Daisy Carnival – continued on to the elevator.

As they walked away, a member of the Roth Show crew mused, "They got a big kick out of that." Still laughing, Roth added, "That's so fucking funny, right? Isn't that something?"

Just then, another partygoer came chasing them down the hall – but not to get the singer's autograph. Instead, he apologized once again for disturbing them with the loud Van Halen music. "Don't worry about noise, smoke [or] off-color humor," Roth quipped before being whisked away and still apparently unrecognized.



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