Here comes another story to remind us that life and times during the pandemic of 2020 means that zero should surprise us and that nothing should get in our way.

A couple unable to get their marriage certificates fast enough in New York City, were married over the weekend at an Albany used car dealership when they learned that their salesman - yes the man that sold them their car -  is also an ordained minister.

When life hands you lemons, they say you should make lemonade.  That's what happened here when according to News 10 ABC, Marie Mounteer and Paul Heideman, who are from NYC,  realized that if would be a while before they could get their marriage certificate downstate because of the backlog caused by COVID-19.

Marie's mother, Rena gifted the car for the couple at Broadway Cars LLC dealership in Albany and while getting to know the salesman, she learned that he's a mobile DJ as well as an ordained minister.   Eric Catalano, the salesman who would go on to perform the ceremony, has been working at the dealership for a few months and took the job because his mobile DJ business took a hit during COVID.

Eric, who spoke to Brian and Chrissy in the morning on Monday told GNA that, "the whole thing took about 35 minutes."  After the brief ceremony outside at the dealershipC, Marie and Paul filled out paperwork for their car, their marriage, and then they "were outta there!"

The pandemic has certainly forced all of us to become more resourceful and much more flexible.  But despite these bitter times, every now and again the lemon we're handed yields something incredibly sweet.

Let's just hope the word "lemon" is never used when describing the car the happy couple drove off in!

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