Christopher Kimbrough of Syracuse recently hit the jackpot prize of $3 million in a New York Lottery scratch-off game. And you won't believe why he decided to purchase the winning ticket.

Kimbrough said he stopped into the convenience store of the Gulf gas station on Court Street in Syracuse after work and was struck by the bright color scheme of the Mayhem scratch-off game. So, he bought two tickets. The first one scored $21 and the second turned him into the latest millionaire in Central New York.

"The colors on the ticket caught my eye," said Kimbrough, who got to pose for press pictures with the New York Lottery's Yolanda Vega:


The 40-year-old opted for the lump sum payment on the $3 million prize, which will equal $1,598,884 after required withholdings.

What strategies do YOU use when it comes to lottery tickets?


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