When firefighting runs in the family, the passion for the job is one that burns bright.

Jason Fistick Jr. started volunteering with the Clayville Fire Department when he was 15, but his love for the job started as a young kid playing with a fire Tonka truck. Jason’s dad is a fire captain, and his girlfriend Jordan Hajdasz said his father’s involvement with the company has really helped him grow as an individual.

“He’s a hard worker and his determination and passion for what he believes in is something I admire greatly,” Jordan said. “Proud to have the Clayville boys as family.”

Jason has four years with the department under his belt and he said he loves it more every day.

“Every call you go to there’s a moment,” Jason said. “There’s always, you know, we did a good job here. We saved this house and didn’t let it burn down. We did CPR on this guy an he’s alive to tell about it today. Every call there’s a moment.”

Jordan said she has seen her boyfriend develop throughout his years as a firefighter and she admires his strength.

“He’s making it to every call,” Jordan said. “He sees all of this trauma and bad stuff throughout his life and he just chooses to keep pushing on despite all of that.”


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