Every once in a while Central New York gets noticed.

Sometimes it's because Central New York gets lampooned on The Simpsons, but that was really just about Utica and the Mohawk Valley. Or maybe Central New York gets press for a huge snowstorm, but usually that's focused on a single city, like Oswego or Syracuse. Mark the date: May 14, 2020. The entire Central New York region was trending on Twitter for two reasons:

1) Phase one of our re-opening from the COVID-19 lockdown was approved by Governor Andrew Cuomo, and...

2) No one seems to know exactly where Central New York is, so there were thousands of tweets about our region, enough to cause this on Twitter:

Central New York

Look at us up there. For a few brief minutes or hours, CNY was receiving enough attention that it was "above the fold" and hot enough to be recognized as "Trending in the United States." And the Twitter-sphere was buzzing with comments like these...

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