If you've ever dreamed of owning a beach style restaurant, look no further than Captain John's of Sylvan Beach. You can buy a classic Central New York restaurant that has been open for business for over 47 years.

On June 17th, The Rome Sentinel reported that Captain John’s reopened and showed off that it was remodeled. The Tiki Bar was completely redesigned into the Shipwreck Bar and Grill and a new grill menu was put together.

“We did a lot of remodeling, and we repainted the facility, from top to bottom,” co-owner Andy Brown said. “We couldn’t open during the pandemic, so we took advantage of the time. We just hope our customers will enjoy it.”

Brown continued, saying Key West-type colors were used to give Captain John’s a more lively feel reminiscent of a place off the coast of Florida, with many nautical themed items on display. On top of this,  Outdoor dining on the patio was also added."

All of these changes were done within the last 60 days during the pandemic.

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1424 Main Street of Sylvan Beach is listed for sale through Pavia Real Estate Services with the asking price of $749,000.00. It does come packed with a lot of perks. We talked to John Jweid, the listing agent, and he tells us the business and property are both for sale. The owners are looking to give someone an opportunity to run a famous business that is running at full profit.

Landmark restaurant operating for over 47 years. Features the new Shipwreck Tiki Bar adjacent to the outdoor patio. Fully equipped with a capacity of over 160 ± seats. Frequent Diner Club with 3,500 ± diners. 2 apartments for additional income with ability to add 1 or 2 more on the 2nd floor."

We have reached out to the current owners to comment more, and will update this story when they reach back to us.

Would you buy this classic restaurant?

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Captain John's Of Sylvan Beach

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