A Canadian teenager who has made the trek all the way to Adirondack Bank Center with his family to see the Comets play has created his own design for what he thinks Utica's new hockey jerseys should look like.

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After spending eight seasons in blue and green to match their NHL Affiliate Vancouver Canucks, the Comets' colors have changed to red and black to suit their new parent club, the New Jersey Devils, for the upcoming 2021-22 season.

Michael Pfanner, 15, lives near Drayton, in the province of Ontario, approximately an hour from Toronto and 30 minutes north of Kitchener. His father, Paul, tells WIBX 950 that Michael, his eldest son, is one of three brothers in a family that loves the Canucks. That visit the Adirondack Bank Center came during the boys' spring break in 2019. The family was even featured in an article on the Utica Comets' team page that noted while most family head for warm weather on spring break, the Pfanner's chose to visit cold Utica and take in some AHL hockey:

Florida, California, the Caribbean. Anywhere warm, really. Those are the often-chosen destinations of spring breakers from just about any cold climate. Utica, NY, certainly doesn’t make the spring-break shortlist for most, but it did for the Pfanner family...

After styling his own blue and green Comets uniform, Michael flipped color scheme to the Devils' red and black, creating a home, a road and an alternate jersey, his dad told us.

Hockey fan Michael Pfanner gets creative showing what new Utica Comets' jerseys could look like.
Hockey fan Michael Pfanner gets creative, shows what new Utica Comets' jerseys could look like.

Like it?

If you do, you be among those to like or comment on it at the Utica Comets Hardcore facebook page. Dad says, so far, it's been getting a lot of love.

And, he says the Pfanners also have a lot of love for Utica and it's hockey team, and memories from the 2019 trip:

We rarely missed a Comets game in Toronto and eventually got to Utica for our March Break trip. Loved everything about Utica


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